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Santaan Gopal Yantra

Lord Krishna is perhaps the most infamous incarnation of Lord Vishnu. All Hindus worship him regularly and seek solutions to their problems. One of such problems can be the inability to have a child.
All of us want a kid of our own. When that doesn’t happen, we often get disappointed.  If you also want to have a healthy child then you should worship the bal roop of lord Krishna by performing a Santan Gopal Puja and you need santan gopal yantra
                                  "Om Namoh Bhagvate Vasudevaye"
This is the mantra that you need to chant when you sthapit "santra gopal yantra" or if you wish to be blessed with a happy and helthy child.
The main benefits of Santan Gopal yantra:
  1. Your chances of conceiving a child are increased considerably
  2. You get rid of all the bad impacts of planets from your horoscope
  3. The chances of any mishappenings like a miscarriage are reduced
  4. People who already have children help in making the life of a child more prosperous by performing this puja for the child
  5. Children also become more intelligent and have more wisdom