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Budh yantra locket

Budh Yantra Locket Budh Yantra Locket should be worn and taken care of increase the positive influence of the planet Mercury or Budh. Budh is the main planet of zodiac signs Gemini & Virgo.
It means Buying Budh Yantra Locket can be of great help for these sun signs. It is considered as the Prince in the solar system. Budh is the closest planet to the king planet Sun and it is helpful in honing the Business & Speech skill of a person.
It is positive in sign Virgo and effect negatively the sign Pisces. Budh effects a person’s Education, Intelligence, Business, relationship with Friends, skill of Speech, calculative ability, ability to convince, rent, news, wealth, Skin health, Kundli, crime and creativity.
A person with a weak or Negative Budh suffers from problems related to Nerves, Brain, Nervous Breakdown, Skin, Speech like Stammering, sleeping disorder and Impotency. But, to reduce the negative impact, a person can buy a nominally Priced Budh Yantra Locket and reduce the negative impact of the planet Mercury on his Kundli.
 Beej Mantra: "Om Braang Breeng Braung Sah Budhay Namah”
Benefits of the Budh Yantra Locket are:
  1. It strengthens physically, gives courage and increases nervous power and provides with immense control over the senses of one’s self.
  2. The planet Mercury increases wealth and expenditure of a person.
  3. Budh gives the power of speech and improves the communication skills and calculative ability of professionals and students
  4. It is a source of undying energy and fierce that keeps people going and unstoppable.
  5. This Locket enhances the artistic and creative abilities of people and improves their performance.
  6. Budh increases the power of speculation and decisions making in business thereby saving business undesirable situations.
  7. This locket can encourage the competitive spirit in students.