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Mangal yantra locket

Mangal Yantra Locket will help you in reducing the negative impact of the planet Mars. Mars impacts our instant actions that do not include thinking for a long period. It affects our Body heat, Motions, Soil, and Courage, siblings, War, all inflammable products, Residential properties & Surgeons. It also affects action related to Security, Military, Police, Soldiers and Army.
The planet Mars is the main plane for Aries and Scorpion. It is strong in the sign Capricorn and is weak in the sign Cancer. If you are married, the planet Mars is one of the most important factor for your marital success. So Mangal Yantra Locket can make your marital life happy.
Planet Mars in first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of a person's Kundli makes him or her, a Manglik person. A person having negative impact of Mars on his Kundli suffers from problems like Blood disorders, Digestive problems, prone to Accidents, regular Operations, boils, piles, Anemia & Injuries by fire arms.
A combination of planet Mars and Rahu or Sun in a person’s Kundli forms a bad state in a Kundli, known as Angarak state or Angarak Yoga. Planet Mars in the Fifth house is not good for progeny and can lead to birth related problems and it increases even more if the planet Mars is combined with any other negative planet.
Mars in the eighth house of Kundli represents Accidents or Surgeries especially so if the Mars is with other negative planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Sun. 
Beej Mantra: "Om Kraang Kreeng Kraung Sah Bhomay Namah”
Benefits of the Mangal Yantra Locket are:
  1. Mangal Yantra Locket always protects you from the negative impacts of planets like sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu prevents us from undesirable incidents like accidents.
  2. The locket take cares of your health and body.
  3. It also works well on issues related to bad marriage or Delayed Marriage.
  4. Mangal Yantra extends energy in your activities.