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Guru yantra locket

Guru Yantra locket should be worn and taken care of to increase the positive effects of the planet Jupiter and curbs its negative impacts. Our Hindu Mythology describes Guru as a naturally positive planet. It is the main planet for five houses of a person’s Kundli that are second, fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house of the Kundli.
It puts positive impact on Wealth of a person, Fame, Success, Religion, past life deeds, Luck and fertility. It acts as supportive planet for Marriage in a female Kundli. Jupiter is the main planet for zodiac sign Sagittarius and Pisces.
It is positive in sign Cancer and negative in sign Capricorn. Jupiter takes around one year to pass through ones zodiac sign. So stop waiting and get ready to Buy Guru Yantra Locket to improve the quality of your life.
The Guru provides Knowledge, Common Sense, fertility, recognition, Wealth, and Justice. A person with a negative or weak Jupiter suffers from problem related to Chest, Liver & obesity. The positive Guru keeps you away from the problems like High Cholesterol and Diabetes.
Whenever Jupiter is in conjoint with the planet Rahu, it creates a bad state known as Guru Chandal Dosha. The worship of Jupiter grants pure, aesthetic life and good health & wealth. Worshipping of this planet results in cure of physical illness and is helpful in getting good progeny, good education, valour and longevity of life.
As per Ancient Vedic Texts, if the planet Jupiter is malefic in a person's horoscope, then pacification for planet Jupiter is highly recommended which can be done by installing / wearing and worshipping of this Yantra locket.
Beej Mantra:Om Graang Greeng Graung Sah Gurave Namah
Benefits of Buying Guru Yantra Locket are:
  1. This locket keeps you calm and helps you in becoming more religious.
  2. It helps in expanding knowledge by increasing your concentration.
  3. If you are suffering from the negative impact of Jupiter, this locket can give you a lot of help.
  4. It can improve your relationships with your spiritual guide.
  5. If you are acting as a mentor to others, this locket is must for you.