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Ketu yantra locket

Ketu Yantra pendant or Locket is used to remove the ill effects of ketu on any person. Ketu is referred to as shadow planet. We highly recommend Ketu Yantra locket for those; who suffer from Ketu dosha. Ketu Yantra represents overall success in business, life and victory over enemy. It works as remedy for Rahu ketu dosha. 
Ketu is a negative planet, but it has an immense power of spirituality as well. Rahu is responsible for the Kaal Sarpa Dosha with Rahu that is responsible for miss happenings like sudden accidents etc.
This planet forms different bad states or yoga in once Kundli when it is combined with other negative planets. In these types of states, wearing a Ketu Yantra Locket can be helpful in making life easy. This Locket is helpful in minimizing the effect of Snakebite and poisons.
Buying Ketu Yantra Locket is really easy. If you got the problems like fear of Death, Bone Diseases, Litigation, and Sudden Losses in business, etc. you can get help from Ketu Yantra Locket. This Locket bestows good Health, Wealth & Prosperity.
Beej Mantra: "Om Straang Streeng Straung Sah Ketvey Namah"
Benefits of Ketu Yantra Locket:
 Ketu Yantra Locket is really helpful for the people who are Sick and it also help the people who are needy and searching for help.
 In today’s competitive world we get lot of enemies but wearing the Ketu Yantra Locket can make you free from enemies.
 Ketu Yantra Locket is the really useful for the people that want to live a free and peaceful life.
 If you want to be peaceful and trying to attain a state of spirituality, the Ketu Yantra Locket is the best.
 Buying Ketu Yantra Locket will surely help in reducing the negative impact of the Ketu on your Kundli.