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Neeli pendent

Neeli Ratna Locket is most beautiful and attractive due to its Perfect Blue Colour. It is so beautiful that it represents the whole category of the stone by its name. Good Quality neeli are the most expensive & desirable among all the sapphires.
Neeli Ratna Locket in white metal or panchdatu provides the wearer with the blessings of the Saturn Planet (Shani) as per Indian astrology. For the best results, it is advised that the Blue Sapphire should be worn in the middle finger or also worn in the neck . Go for an original stone to get best results from it.
Benefits of Neeli (Blue Sapphire) Ratna Locket
Wearing a Neeli provides a peace of mind as it has the ability to relax mind. With a calm mind and soul it provides the wearer an ability to make the right decisions. Your life is based on what decisions you take and with correct decision one’s life is smooth. What else a person needs when his/her life goes in a perfect direction with all the decisions taken in an appropriate manner.
People have spiritual mind but they cannot attain that spirituality due to their disturb Focus. neeli keeps the mind of the wearer focused and helps him to gain spirituality with a mind for meditation.
Healthy mind remains in a healthy body. If an individual is healthy he can have a healthy mind that is positive and thinks is a constructive manner.
This locket can save you from many chronicle diseases. It is the source of undying positive energy that can cure diseases like bone fever and paralysis.
Neeli also referred as Jyotish Gemstone and it is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstones. It is very fast and gives prompt results to the wearer. For many individuals it shows effects instantly like instant gain in wealth, very quick resolution to a problem and windfall gain etc.