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Manik pendent

Manik (Ruby) Ratna Locket Ruby is a gemstone that is also known as Manikya or Padmaraaga in Sanskrit. It is known as Madak or Manik in Hindi. Buying Manik Ratna Locket blesses the wearer with the positivity of the Sun and makes him as powerful as the heat rays comes out of the sun that can make his life sparkle like earth.
Ruby (Manikya) is the gemstone referred as the King of Gemstone. Ruby Gemstone is ruled by Planet Sun. Ruby (Manikya) Pendants are an amazing Pendant to recharge your energy levels and to stimulate your mind to be self-assured, confident and positive. Manikya Gemstone is one of the most expensive gemstones, beside, emerald, sapphire and diamond. Even though Manikya Pendants has been used in jewellery throughout history, it has many benefits for the wearer.
Ruby Stone Pendant symbolizes royalty since ages. Ruby Gemstone Pendant is well-known to bring dignity, name, fame, wealth and professional success to its wearer.
Manikya Pendant also brings respect and admiration when worn by those people who are in top-level Administrative jobs.
Ruby/ Manik Gemstone is believed to strengthen the Planet Sun in its user’s horoscope. It has been seen that persons who have a strong positioning of Planet Sun in their birth chart have a comfy, sophisticated and stylish life and always mark their presence wherever they go
Wearing a Manik Ratna Locket strengthens paternal relations and recover father’s health.
The Ruby Stone Pendant also improves the wearer’s communication skills and self-confidence which holds great importance in today’s competitive world.
Ruby/ Manik Gemstone Pendant also brings fortune in the life of its wearer. Therefore, all those who are suffering from financial crisis and bad luck should wear this powerful stone pendant.