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Moonga pendent

(Moonga Ratna) or Moonga (Red Coral) Ratna Locket in the neck. The main reason for this practice is that according to many astrologers, the focal point of our brain is situated at the fingers. Hence wearing coral or other gemstones on fingers produces more influence results in the lives of human compared to wearing as pendant or necklace.
In addition to this, it is recommended by the astrologers to wear the coral stone in the form of ring to perceive best out of the stone. But, it does not mean that a person can’t wear red coral as pendant or necklace.
How to wear red coral (Moonga) as pendant or necklace
We know that wearing coral or any other gemstone as a ring is more significant than wearing it in the form of pendants. Wearing red coral stone pendant for the best results requires a double weighted coral stone as compare to coral ring.
Wearing a double weighted red coral compared to red coral ring, one can avail the equivalent results as provided by this gemstone when it is worn in the ring.
Benefits of wearing Moonga (Red Coral) Ratna Locket
  1. Coral stone is related to the planet Mars that is said to be the most powerful planet among the nine planets in person’s Kundli. Wearing the Moonga Locket gives the blessings of the planet mars to the wearer.
  2. Wearing this coral gem in the form of pendant or ring attaches a huge source of positive energy with the wearer.
  3. It gives instant and sudden wealth to the wearer.
  4. Wearing this locket gives a healthy body to the wearer.
  5. This Locket or ring increases the wisdom and overall personality of the wearer.
  6. It gives benefit in the health situations like piles, depression and decreasing physical strength.
  7. This locket gives immense help to the professionals of stock market and administration
  8. A businessman should opt for this gemstone to get success in his business.
  9. Moonga gives the above stated benefits to the wearer but it is still recommended to take an advice of the Astrologer before wearing it. One can buy Moonga (Red Coral) Ratna Locket online and get it delivered to his or her door step very easily.