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Panna Pendent

Panna Stone in English is called as Emerald. Buying Panna (Emerald) Ratna Locket gives the best results when worn in panchdatu. Panna Stone brings the positive energy of the planet Mercury to the wearer. One can wear any quality of panna as well for getting the blessings of the planet Mercury. 
Use of Panna (Emerald) Ratna Locket
  1. Panna (Emerald) Ratna Locket is very effective in enhancing the power of the Planet Mercury also known as Budh.People born in Gemini Lagna or Virgo Lagna should wear Panna Stone for the benefit of Jyotish Gem Therapy.
  2. This stone is the best for people taken birth in the month of May as it gives a lot of help in solving the issues comes in their life.
  3. Individuals born within the month connected with May want to wear an Emerald Gemstone for good luck.
  4. One must try to wear an original Panna for the best results.
  5. Panna (Emerald) Ratna Locket gives the wearer prosperity in addition to name and fame.