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Gomed Pendent

Planet Rahu represents fear and suffering from sinful activities. People with aggressive natures are also ruled by Planet Rahu. It causes persons to go underground, losing contact with individuals they previously linked with in life. However, when situated in a powerful position, Planet Rahu can give abundance, wealth, power and fame, political success, as well as beauty.
According to the Hindu mythology, at the time of the famous Saagar Manthan the devil Rahu managed to drink the immortal fluid Amrit along with holy angels Devtas. Lord Vishnu became angry and cut his head using his Sudarshan Chakra. But as Rahu has swallowed some Amrit, he could not die. As the result the head and the trunk of his body were still alive. Afterwards, these two parts of his body became the shadow planet by the name of Rahu & Ketu.
Gomed / Hessonite gemstone is not worn according to the zodiac signs. Gomedh is very useful for those who are suffering from skin disorder,piles,infection of eyes,sinus infection, allergies,insomnia, etc.Original Gomed Gemstone (Hessonite) bestows health,wealth and prosperity upon its possessor.Gomed ratna cures diseases caused by affliction of Rahu and saturn. Gomed stone intensifies appetite and vitality, confers good health, wealth, happiness.
Benefit of gomed pendent:
  1. Hessonite/gomed Pendant controls the negative effects of Planet Rahu
  2. Hessonite/gomed Pendant makes your brain sharp
  3. Hessonite/gomed Pendant helps to get rid of fears
  4. Hessonite/gomed Pendant makes you confident
  5. Hessonite/gomed Pendant is very beneficial when you start losing your wealth.
  6. Hessonite/gomed Pendant is also beneficial when hidden opponents start disturbing you.