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Sunela pendent

Sunela Gemstone is a perfect substitute of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj). Sunaila Gemstone represents Planet Jupiter. Planet Jupiter (Brihaspati/ Guru) represents wisdom, creativity, wealth, knowledge, eagerness and happiness. This Gemstone is golden brown in color, therefore it is also named as Golden topaz at some places. Citrine (Sunahla) Pendant is known to help the wearer in several ways.
sunela Gem Pendant helps to achieve success in different arena of life by bringing in good fortune, peace, prosperity, success, wealth and creativity. Sunela Stone Pendant is also known to provide protection against fear, terror and infections. Sunela Pendant is perfect to be worn by the writers, businesspersons, writers, entrepreneurs, journalists and traders.
Sunela Stone Pendants Benefits:
  1. sunela gemstone signifies the Planet Jupiter, which is the ruler of wealth, fortune, abundance and prosperity. Therefore, wearing sunela Stone Pendants gives profits in financial aspect and brings immense wealth.    
  2. Planet Jupiter is also the ruler of knowledge and is also called as ‘Guru’ in Indian culture, which stands for a teacher, lecturer or a guide. Thus, wearing Sunela Gemstone Pendant improves mental health and instils knowledge, understanding, wisdom and honesty into them.
  3. The positive effects of Original sunela Pendants are the best for those who are working in fields of education, research and justice, e.g. researchers, teachers, trainers, astrologers and authors etc.
  4. Sunehla Pendant benefits those who are going into higher education like research, post-graduation or master-degrees etc.
  5. Benefits of Citrine (Sunaila) Pendants are experienced by married people who have problem in conceiving a child.
  6. sunela Gem Pendant effects include positive impacts on the health of its user. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic people.
  7. Sunela Gemstone Pendant is also beneficial for writers, manufacturers, businessmen and traders as it brings forth fortune, wealth, abundance and creativity.
  8. Wearing sunella Gemstone Locket brings respect, position, good health and familial concord.