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Parad conch/shankh

As per ancient Vedic texts Parad (Mercury) Shankh when worshipped with proper rituals can help one gain wealth, prosperity and success in different spheres of life. In the Vedic system, Shankha is considered as the harbinger of positivity in the atmosphere. You can also find some Hindu deities holding Shankha in their hands. 'Shankha' is highly praised article in Hindu rituals.
Mercury Conch/ Shankha is also best for achieving peace of mind. These types of Shankhs are specifically used in Tantrik Vidya. The skilled and experts on Tantra culture have found Parad Conch Shell, operational and useful in achievements of wealth and worldly affairs.
It is believed that those who keep this holy Shankh get the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and would never face lack of wealth in their life. If Parad Conch Shell is placed in the Puja room, it brings peace among couples. At home, it attracts wealth, harmony, prosperity and happiness. Parad Shankha (Conch)represnts glory and prosperity.
Shankh made from Parad (Mercury)
According to Tantric belief, the Parad (Mercury) Shankha/ Conch keeps away evil spirits and saves one from misfortunes or tragedies.
"Shankha Madyesthitam Thoyam Brahma Hatyadhikam Daheth
Anga Lagnam Manushyanam Mruthyu Samsara Bheshajam"
The water from the Shankha/ Conch Shell removes the sin and can cure some disease. It also gives liberation from the eternal cycle of birth and death. Parad Items are also useful in Ayurvedia treatment.