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cats eye

Cat's eye stone is an opaque gemstone ruled by Ketu. It is the symbol of spiritual desire. Cat's eye is very strong in indicating sudden results.  Our cats eye gems are dazzling gemstone, greenish and yellowish with high specific gravity in cabochon cut, in round or oval shapes. It highly resembles with cats eye.  It works as an antennae towards infrared cosmic rays. 
As cats eye stone is ruled by Lord Ketu and Lord Ketu is the significator of occultism, trouble to enemies, ultimate salvation, spirit or ghosts. cats eye stone  in Hindi is known as Lehsunia and in Sanskrit it is known as Vidalaksha or Vaidurya Mani. It is a natural healing stone.
Benefit of cat's eye
  1. It is the significator of success.
  2. Works as catalyst for protection against enemy.
  3. Prevents you from unexpected mish happening.
  4. Protects you from evil spirit.
  5. Bestows spirituality.
  6. Boosts up confidence and over all energy.
  7. Blesses you with great wealth and health.
Lehsunia is highly recommended for those, who are passing from extreme Dasa of Ketu. Cat's eye grants spirituality, detachments from world desire. It is also helpful in curing diseases, such as intestinal worms, skin trouble, cholera, paralysis, cancer, mysterious dangers and diseases, deafness and defects of speech.