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Ganesh Rudrakash

ganesh rudrakash is symbol of lord ganesh as its shape is similar to the trunck of ganesh.there is a small elevated portion connected to the body of the rudrakash which has trunk like appearance.it is espacially useful for success in professional life.it is also beneficial for student as it represente lord ganesh for wisdom.
Lord Ganesha blesses the person, who wears Ganesha Rudraksha. Ganesh is considered to be Pratham Poojya (worshipped first), and his blessings are necessary for the success of any big venture, as Maha Ganapati/ Lord Ganesh is considered Vighna Harta (Obstacle remover).  
Ganesh Rudraksha benefits are:
  1. Enhances luck and energy.
  2.  Provides you success.
  3.  Removes your obstacles.
Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are deity of this Ganesh Rudraksha.