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Parad Vishnu

Parad (Mercury) Vishnu Idol blesses the person with peace and prosperity to the mind and body. Lord Vishnu is regarded as a major deity, according to the Indian mythology. He is also known as most important of the Hindu triad of Gods (Preserver). Lord Vishnu probably has a thousand names and worshipping him with the repetition of thousand names can give you the blessings of prosperity, wealth, peace and harmony.
The well carved Parad (Mercury) Idol of Vishnu represents four arms that hold a conch shell called "Panchajanya" Shankh which represents originality; a Sudarshana Chakra or discus,  which denotes the mind; a Gada or mace, named "Kaumodaki" which represents person reality and a lotus flower or "Padma" which symbolizes release or freedom.
Parad (Mercury) Vishnu Idol Puja Benefits
  1. Makes personal as well as professional life full of successes.
  2. Blesses the devotees with prosperous and happy life.
  3. Brings peace to the mind, body and soul.
  4. Gives courage to face the difficult situations of life.
  5. Helps to gain Moksha or salvation in the afterlife.