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Shiv pariwar

The Shiv, Parvati and Lord Ganesha Idols, made of Pure Parad (Mercury). Parad is the purest and most auspicious metal.  Regular worship of this divine set of statue helps in ensuring good health, and the overall prosperity of the family. Parad Shiv Parvati statues are the ultimate answer to keep your family intact, happy and healthy. Original Parad Shiv Parvati Ganesh Idols protect devotees from evil spirits such as greed, anger, annoyance and lust.
The third deity of the Hindu Trinity, Lord Shankar (Lord Shiva) is called the Destroyer, but has also the aspect of regeneration. Lord Shiva is the one, who gives blessing faster than any other deities. As per old Vedas, it is also believed that Lord Shiva is the father of the universe. While, his consort “Mata Parvati” is believed to be the mother of the universe. Thus, they are considered as the universal parents. Goddess Parvati symbolizes different virtues like: fertility, unity, marital felicity and power. His son, Lord Ganesha bestows us with knowledge, intelligence and power.
Shiv, Parvati and Ganesh Statues Puja is the most auspicious Puja for Hindu devotees. Parad (Padrasam) Shiv Parvati Ganesh Idols are an ideal gift for newly wed couples. Regular worship of this beautiful and sacred statue yields overall peace in a family. Prayer to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha for the peace and happiness in your family.
The Parad Shiv-Parvati and Lord Ganesha (Ganpati) Idol keeps the spirit of unity in the family alive. This set of idols allows you to get the blessings of three important deities at once. The divine powers of the statue keep all obstacles at bay and help in establishing overall harmony within a family.