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8mukhi rudrakash

8mukhi rudraksh bead is a symbol of lord ganesha, the son of lord shiva.it is helpful in managing or avoding the nagative effects of rahu are same as of (saturn shani).8 face rudrakash is avital instrument in fortifying ones's will power as well as transforming even an enemy intoa friend. 8 faced rudrakash enhances the swtrength of mind and character and keeps the wearer faraway from sins.
Eight faced Rudraksha is used before new ventures to bring good fortune in work and businesses or services. It is also the demolisher of arrogance, egoism and pride when adorned. Those people having mental troubles, insomnia as well as having habits of excessive expenditure find Aath Mukhi Rudraksha the best remedy for the solutions of their problems. Diseases of stomach are prevented by wearing this Rudraksha.
8 mukhi Rudraksha increases the strength of mind and character and keeps the wearer away from sins. It is beneficial for winning lottery and betting.This bead increases the strength of character and mind and helps achieve happiness, fame, good health and increases confidence. Eight faced Rudraksha is believed to be ruled by the Lord Rahu.