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10 mukhi Rudrakash

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is symbolic of Lord Krishna, the protector of all the living beings in the world.This Rudraksha begets material happiness and spiritual gains. The wearer’s life becomes easy going and perfect as the obstacles are removed from his life due to Ten Face Rudraksha. It should be worn after following proper rituals and doing prayers.Ten Mukhi Rudraksha relieves the wearer from land disputes and court cases  
Ten faces Rudraksha has no ruling planet and is one of the most powerful Rudraksha. It extends multiple benefits to its wearer. Wearing it attracts luck and prosperity, helps to attain wealthy life and works as divine protection device from all kind of negative forces, energies and spirits.
10 mukhi Rudraksha benefits are:
  1.  Protects you from black magic
  2. Helpful in solving court cases and other disputes
  3.  Keeps you away from diseases.
Dasavatar (Ten incarnations) of Lord Vishnu is deity of this Ten faces Rudraksha.