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4 Mukhi Rudrakash

The 4 mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Brahma.It can also increase sexual power and attractiveness. It is used for making one more sought after by the opposite sex. Numerous customers have used successfully, this Rudraksha for winning the love and affection of their beloved. This 4 faced Rudraksha has the ability to correct the insufficiencies like dullness of mind, difficulty in effective communication and neurotic condition of mind. It is observed by experienced that if one boils it in the milk for 21 days and drink the milk, it removes all the worries.
4 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits are: 
  1. It increases your intelligence.
  2. Name and fame grows up.
  3. Creativity and knowledge enhances
  4. Calms down your mind and body. 
4 mukhi rudrakash(4 face)has four lines on its surface(four face)rudraksh bead is ruled by loard brahma,who is the creator of the universe.student who wera this rudraksh are able to do better in their studies due to increase memory power and concertration.this rudrakash also imrove our public speaking skills.we are providing you original rudraksh beads at the best price.