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panna(emerald) is fully natural.the gems is of fine cuttng with no heated or treated process.panna(emerald) is the gemstone for planet mercury as per vedic astrology.wearing an emerald can help in better communication skills.it increase intelligence and brain power. removes & cures.fickle mindedness,loss of memory,stammering,fear from souls & spirits cools the harsh speech .we offer only 100% genuine& certified natural gemstone.
Wearing emeralds in combination with other stones will enhance outcomes on competitive exams, in trade, and in business. Emeralds also boost intellect, memory, analytical, and intellectual power.
Emeralds will benefit people who are writers, politicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, founders of educational institutions, public speakers, judges, government officers, architects, auditors, shippers, bankers and financiers.
In business-related areas, commission agents, publishers, and professionals in the textile field can benefit from an emerald's powers. These stones may help people who run travel agencies or other commission-related business that require no capital to start.
Emerald is very helpful to those who are in the field of medicine, especially those who specialize in the brain, eyes, ears, and general medicine, or those associated with CT scans, MRIs, and pediatrics.
People in the IT sector, the nuclear field, and astronomy will also benefit from this stone.