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Hessonite(Gomed) is found in light to deep brownish yellow or red color.It resemble the color of cow’s urine or honey. Hessonite is a variety of gross ularite garnet.Gomed ensure relief from the malefic effect from rahu.
It clears the confusion in mind and give stability in life and enhances positive energy of rahu.The person suffer from instability, depression and failures, enemies can’t stand longer before the wearer of gomed ring, its also remove fear, create clarity of mind and helps spiritual growth.Black magic can’t effect one who wear this ring.
Hessonite garnet or Garnet stone  is for those who want to enhance these aspects of life such as, Foreign travels, unusual employments, creativity, pilgrimage, air travels, homosexuality, masochism, renunciation, spiritual inclinations, appetite. Wearing of good hessonite gives you good health and appetite. It helps to increase ones social status and brings respect.
Hessonite(Gomed) may be embedded in silver or panchdatu should be worn on Saturday morning after dipping the ring in gangajal or unboiled milk.