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vastu pyramid

Vastu Pyramid is best used in living room, hall room or meditation room. Using Vastu Pyramid in the northeast, northwest and the west corners of the house can be beneficial.It is also a wonderful Pyramid to use in the child’s room and living room.  All powers of Planet Moon are put together in this Vastu product which makes it influential tool and cures all the bad effects of North-West Direction.Pyramid is well-known remedy for abolishing the negative energy caused by Vastu defect.
A pyramid is a very useful Yantra that always helps a man in every walk of life. A Pyramid acts like a medicine.
some benefit of "vastu pyramid"
  1. It attracts positive energy and removes negative energy.
  2. It brings spiritual environment, where it is kept.
  3. It charges the land, where it is kept.
  4. It is used in vastu remedies and correction.
  5. It provides energy balance to user.