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vastu sri yantra

Shree yantra the most powerful of all yantras is depicted here in a three dimensional form or "Meruprushtha". This divine yantra is shaped out of beautiful alloy of zinc metal.The Yantra provides holistic development of people in their physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The yantra bestows prosperity and brings in harmony and peace in the households it dwells.
Benefits of Maha Meru Shree Yantra
  1. Opens your doors to good fortune
  2. Gives name, fame and reputation
  3. Brings positive energy in the vicinity
  4. Removes Vastu and Planetary Doshas
  5. Bring Success in all endeavour
  6. Improves Wealth, Health and Prosperity
  7. Removes Negative influences of malefic planets
  8. Breaks all the barriers in our life