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kachua sree yantra

The name, Sri Yantra, which means instrument for the harmony, wellness and prosperity, made on the back of turtle, is also important because in Hindu mythology, it is believed that the turtle carried the weight of the earth on its backside. The Tortoise is mainly significant because they are very influential, secluded being that can live in either water or land. It is also peaceful and natural world has provided it with a strong shell or cover to defend it from danger.
Meru Kachap Sri Yantra can be buried under ground too during creation of new residence / store etc., as it takes away all Vastu Dosha, bringing in wealth as well as guarding from evil eyes, negativity and bad fortune.
Kachua Shri Yantra removes bad effects of all planets.it,s brings positive energy around us.Kachchap Shri Yantra brings good fortune and good wealth.it's saves us from evil eye, bad luck and bad energies.