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Ruby (Manik)

Ruby gemstone the red color ruby stone is allied with compelling planet sun. that embodies specify healing power that yield in preventing serious diseases:heart disease,blood related disease. a person who’s suffering from bilndness.heart attack must wear this stone.ruby is worn in the ring finger off the correct hand(left hand for left handed people and right hand for right handed people)it should be worn at the time of sunrise on monday during the shukal paksha(waxing moon).we offer only 100% genuine& certified natural gemstone.
Benefit of Ruby stone:
  1. Wearers are blessed with name and fame.
  2. Use of ruby increases and improves wealth and property.
  3. Ruby keeps an evil eye away from its users .
  4. It is Significator of power, dignity, respect and authority.
  5. Users of natural ruby are also blessed by promotion and victory.
  6. It gives commanding power and better relationship.