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Lal Chandan Mala

Lal Chandan Mala is one of the best Malas to appease the planet Mars and the Lords associated with this planet. People having Mangal Dosh can wear this Mala or keep it with them when performing spiritual rituals. The mala is also quite affective to perform Hanuman Pooja or for Hanuman Mantra Jaap.
People who are short tempered, get angry, irritated, have less capabilities to bear stress are most often recommended to wear a Lal Chandan Mala. It gives energy to the wearer, helps accomplish all your unfulfilled tasks. It also helps attain your aim and ambitions. It has mehandi (heena) like fragrance and also helps increase your energy levels.
If your birth chart does not show a good position of the planet Mars or if you have Manglik dosh or Mangal, this Mala benefits the wearer in the most positive ways. Its effects are similar to that of wearing the gemstone Coral. Just like the way Coral helps to eradicate negative energies, Lal Chandan Mala helps to bring positivity in your life, especially if the planet Mars is causing disaster in your life.
The most popular mantra that is recited with this mala is, “Om Bhomaiya Namah”.