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Moti(Pearl) mala

This Moti Mala is made up of pearl beads. The Pearl Mala Beads used in this Rosary are of top quality and have shiny appearance. People use Pearl Rosary for their emotional power. You can also carry this mala for your emotional upsurge. This makes you positive and you will have managed over your emotions. This Moti Mala develops positive thoughts in you. And you can feel the helpful atmosphere around you. If you worship Lord Shiva, then use Pearl Mala for worshipping Lord Shiva. This will bestow good results. 
Benefits Of Moti Mala
  1. Use Moti Mala to soothe God Moon
  2. This Moti Mala develops positive aura around you
  3. Moti Mala bestows you the emotional strength