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Moonga(Coral) Mala

Coral Mala can help reduce the malefic effects of the planet Mars. It can be used to recite the mantras related to the planet Mars. This mala is quite effective to reduce anger, frustration, differences, and bring peace of mind.
Benefits of Coral Mala:
The benefits of using a Coral Mala are immense, and have an upper hand to gemstone. The fact that one uses the mala to recite mantras and incorporate the same in their daily routine helps evade a lot or problems that can be caused by Mars. This Mala can be kept by people who are Manglik, to ensure that there is positivity in their lives, and to encounter auspicious events in their lives.
 Among the many mantras, the most popular mantra that can be recited with a Coral Mala is:
“Om Bhomaiya Nama”
One has to note that the gemstone gives the same effects as that of a mala. People having manglik dosh in their Kundali can wear or chant mantras using a Coral Mala. It is also recommended if Mangal (Mars) is inauspicious in your Kundali.
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