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Navratan mala

Navratna especially is a collection of a combination of nine gemstones. It has the power and qualities of all the nine precious gemstones. When navratna mala is worn it provides benefit in the form of good luck, prosperity and growth in life.
What is special about Navratna Mala and its benefits
  1. Gems in navratna are highly auspicious for enhancing all the nine planets. Gems intensify the rays of the planets.
  2. Each gemstone is specific to individual planets, and is very useful for strengthening them.
  3. Navratna Mala can be worn by any age group, even if you have no date of birth and no horoscope available.
  4. Navratna mala brings fame, longevity, wealth, good luck, happiness, and fortune.
  5. It eliminates miseries and bad luck from your life.
  6. It is considered as an excellent talisman against dangers and people who are in dangerous profession can keep it in the pouch or can wear it around the neck.