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Firoza Mala

Firoza (Turquoise) Mala is known to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. Firoza Rosary beads, when combined, make one of the highly auspicious Rosary/ Mala. It is believed that Firoza stone represents planet Brihaspati (Jupiter). Jupiter is the planet of prominence and wisdom.
When worn, Firoza Mala brings these attributes in our life. Firoza Mala / Rosary was worn as a protector against bad luck and evil spirits. Firoza/ Turqoise gemstone is found in various green shades such as apple green, greenish grey, greenish blue and the sky blue. Turquoise stones shield the wearer from harmful effects and attract friendship.
Turquoise(Firoza) Mala also creates support system for ligaments, tendons, nerves, thymus gland, tissue regeneration and blood circulation in general. On the physical level, it alleviates pain, neutralizes over acidity and viral infection. Firoza (Turquoise) Mala is the protection Rosary which brings wealth, name, fame and success.