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6 Mukhi Rudrakash

6 mukhi rudrakash is regarded as the symbol of kartikey,the six face son of lord rudra and mother sharada.he is the younger brother of lord gnesha.this confers knowledge of the very highest kind.this rudraksh help women in diseases like hysteria  and mental illiness.the person who wear this rudrakash become calm and quite like the moon.it keeps the anger,jealousy,excitation under cantrol in the body of the wearer.this is also helps students and businessmen
This Rudraksha is also referred to as Shatrunjaya (Victory on enemies) Rudraksha,considering that helps in destroying your enemies. It contributes greatly to get victories in disputes and court cases.
Six faced Rudraksha assists to develop and strengthen emotional traits like Love, Kindness and Attraction. It enhances the intellectual area within our brain, which manages how to love and appreciate others..
6 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits are: 
  1. Improves expression and will power.
  2. Brings perfection and energy.
  3. Blessed with luxury and comfort.