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shani locket

 Lord Shani (Saturn) is also indicative of insanity, paralysis, depression, tumor, cancer and diseases relating to feet, excretory system, This Shani Pendant or  Locket for recovery from or warding off these physical problems. For the persons born in Capricorn & Aquarius ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign), Shani locket is highly recommended. It is always recommended for the persons, who are passing through adverse Dasha/ transit of Lord Shani e.g. Sade Saati of Shani. 
Benefits of Shani locket are:
  1. Shani Graha Mantra is for those who want to make good career with   name and fame.
  2. Business persons also use it for success in bussiness.
  3. Also helpful in many diseases, caused due to evil position of Saturn in your horoscope.
  4. Keeps evil eye away.
  5. Very helpful in case of Sade Saati of Shani dev.