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Nazar batoo

Nazar battu is the best evil eye protection. Getting affected by evil eyes is quite common in all cultures. 'Evil eye' usually refers to a miraculous, but harmful look, which may or may not be intentional. It is supposed that if the evil eye of an individual, out of envy or jealousy admiration, has an effect on you, you may fall ill or something really bad may turn out to you.
Though, these way of life can be called superstition yet, many religions recognize these bad effects on populace. Nazar battu is one of the best evil eye remedies or totka for evil eye.
If a person looks at another person by an 'evil eye', it is said to have the capability to damage, because physical and psychological disequilibrium in the life of the person gets affected. In most situations, putting an evil eye is unintended. For example, on seeing, a cute small kid people tend to unintentionally look by an evil eye and then the little one suffers from sickness later on.
However, in many situations, an evil eye may be cast purposely to destroy an individual's life or possessions. People, who cast an evil eye deliberately on others are usually born on precise days and hold strong magnetic control. The nastiest part is that they are attentive of these powers and make use of it to make others suffer.
Nazar Battu is a Small Black Raw Fruit acquired from Nazar Tree. If one wears, it around his neck or around your arm, it protects him from evil spirits, evil eye and black magic. It can be hanged in front of the residence to get rid of evil eye. It can be hanged in front of the private vehicle, farming mechanism as well as around the domestic animals to get rid of the evil spirits.
The Evil eye talisman can be used to tie on the entrance for incoming of helpful Energy and safety From Evil Eye. It is a symbol of security and purity, which protects your house, workplace or vehicle from Evil eye and energies your Place.