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Kali Haldi is known as Black Turmeric and is used in black magic and Tantrik Sadhana in Tantra. “Black Turmeric” is of superior value specially used for the Vashikaran intentions. The color of the real kalii Haldi varies from blackish red to dark black. It is suggested to use this item just for pooja sadhna. This is the prosperity donor and keep this in your coffer you will get the riches, wealth and abundance.
If you want to use this Kali Turmeric for the increase of wealth, put this in the red fabric and worship this every day. This process gives the superior results within 11 days.
If you put the Tilak of this Black Turmeric on your forehead, the people around you will get fascinated towards you. Use this Tilak, if you are confronting the court cases. Kali Haldi orBlack Turmeric is used for Tantra Sadhana, Bhairav Sadhana and taking away Black Magic.
This Siddha Haldi is energized by Bhairav Mantra. It also has antibacterial properties, hence is very influential and give protection power to your body. It spreads helpful energy and absorbs bad energy, so it is widely used in Puja or Sadhana. Especially while one wants to do Kali Puja or Kaal bhairav Puja, this Black Haldi is very influential. Energized Siddha Kala Haldi gives outstanding results in safety from evil eye effect. It is usually helpful to develop business or to get promotion. 
Kali Haldi is claimed to be useful for curing Hemorrhoids, HIV/AIDS, bronchitis, asthma, fever, leprosy, epilepsy, cancer tumor, wound, impotency, fertility, menstrual problems, toothache, nausea etc.
Worshippers of Maa Kali or Lord Ganpati must perform Puja of Kali Haldi along with Rudraksha Mala. According to early books, Kali Haldi is very successful cure to get safety from bad Eyes and the sure shot cure for joyful and wealthy life. According to many ancient texts, " in the age of downfall Lord Ganpati and Goddess Kali are the two Supremes, who can give instant and successful results to a person who worship to them with their kindness and soul.
Black Turmeric Benefits:
  1. Keeper of Kali Haldi gets financial prosperity.
  2. Kali Haldi protects the wearer from evil eyes.
  3. One is safe from evil eye effects and Ghosts by using Kali Haldi.
  4. Kali Haldi is useful in curing Hemorrhoids, fertility, epilepsy, leprosy, bronchitis, HIV/AIDS, asthma, wounds, cancer tumor, fever, impotency, menstrual disorders, toothache, nausea etc.
  5.  Energized Kali Haldi kept in home temple or worn on your body are one of the most positive lucky charms one can have.