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Baglamukhi Yantra

  ' Baglamukhi Yantra' helps achieve success in law-suits and competitions as well as pacify quarrels to the worshipper's advantage. The Bagalamukhi Yantra is also effective in warding off evil persons, spirits and supernatural powers.
It is said that whosoever worships this Yantra, even if he is in the thick of war, in assemblies of thieves, in conflicts, in jail, on water, in magical attack, in litigation, in facing a king's wrath, at the time of an ordeal, at night, in fetters or in paralysis, in the slaughter of battle amongst enemies, in a desert, or in a forest, or at any time, becomes steady. Whosoever, bows to the Yantra and who wears it on the right wrist or round the neck, is protected in war.
Actual name of this Yantra is Valgamukhi Yantra. The presiding deity is Goddess Bagalamukhi (Again correct name is Goddess Valgamukhi). Goddess Bagalamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya in the famous series of the 10 Mahavidyas Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshvari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagala, Matangi and Kamala. Seated on a gold throne, with three eyes, wearing yellow, blissful, with limbs as bright as pure gold, this Goddess obliges her devotee by paralysis of his enemies' speech, mouth, legs, mind etc.