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Mahalaxmi yantra

Mahalakshmi Yantra/ also called DhanLakshmi Yantra, as the name suggests, is for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, the Vedic Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity.  This Yantra bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune on the worshipper. The worship of this symbolic representation of the Goddess Mahalaxmi bestows good fortune on the devotee.
All desires are fulfilled by keeping this Yantra with you, and you will be  never devoid of money & material comforts - your house & treasury being always full, and never facing shortage of resources.
This Yantra may be placed in cash box, cupboard, or in Poojaghar/ worship place of your house.
Mahalakshmi Yantra is bestowed with the miraculous powers of Goddess Laxmi. This Yantra transforms all your losses into profit. You will never face any financial crisis in future.