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About Us!

This shloka is a prayer to liberate everybody from miseries and for the well being & prosperity of all, to the all-mighty mother of this world. In today's world; there are so many miseries, that no human being is content and happy. Some are burdened with heavy bad debts while others are not benefiting from their persistent hard work. Some face losses in businesses whilst some are mentally disturbed with their families. Some are unhappy with their children while some are troubled with illnesses. Some people are terrified of their enemies while others are unhappy for unfulfilled wishes. Even after lots of efforts, we are not able to come out of such situations.

Why is it so?

It is because we have forgotten our Vedic Culture and are immensely engrossed in the western culture. Vedic Knowledge has answers to all the mysteries related to the evolution of this world, which we have never tried to understand. If, we would have just had a glance at our Vedic Culture, then we would not have been so much in anguish.

With a vision towards prosperity and happiness for all and to get rid of all these problems, Brahm Gyan Vedic Pratishthan has been established. Brahm Gyan Vedic Pratishthan is consistently trying to impart the knowledge of our Vedic Culture and the rare information & guidelines from our Old Epics in a very simple but authoritative manner, so that all human beings are able to live a healthy and happy life. In our old epics, there are illustrated numerous "RamBaans" to get rid of all these problems, but what is required is an effort to, know them, understand them, imbibe them and bring them into practice.

Brahm Gyan Vedic Pratishthan's main aim is to make common people aware of the Yantra, Mantra, tantra, Vaastu Shastra, Jyotishi Shastra, Ank Shastra, Aadhyatam, all other related disciplines & branches, so that you all are able to get rid of all these, all by yourself, and don't get swayed away with phony and misleading elements. In order to pass on this Vedic Knowledge to all of you Brahm Gyan Vedic Pratishthan has so simplified its very first attempt, that a common man will face no problem in understanding the same.

Brahm Gyan Rishi Vaani in the format of a monthly magazine, has been promoted to reach you, free of cost. You may get this magazine from our office, on any working day, free of cost, since Brahm Gyan Vedic Pratishthan's aim is not to earn money out of this, but it is to pass on the BrahmGyan to the common people. In order to procure it through postal service, please send a DD/Cheque/Money Order for Rs.84.00 as yearly charges towards the packing and postal expenses of sending this magazine to your address.