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A crystal is "a three -dimensional atomic, ionic, or molecular structure consisting of periodically repeated, identically constituted, congruent unit cells" (Readers Digest, Great Illustrated dictionary)
Crystal have both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is where electricity is produced by pressure. Many early cultures (e.g. Mayan, Aztec, Native American Indian, African and Celtic) used to stricke quartz crystals with a wooden mallet, resulting in a flash of light. Imagine the scene around a fire in the darkness of night, the shaman/medicine man calls on the spirits/gods and light flashes around the scene! Compression releases electrons from their atomic bonding -flash of light - they then return to the atomic nuclei. These electrons are continuously vibrating and almost any energy sourced placed near a crystals will cause an increase in this vibration. It is not uncommon for personal crystals to fracture or shatter during use. Pyroelectricity is produced by temperature. Simply holding a crystal in your hand gives enough heat to generate the proelectric effect.
Quartz crystal will focus any type of energy. You can see this for yourself if you hold a quartz crystal over the palm of your hand and rotate it slowly in a clockwise direction. You will see a point of light moving around your hand, under the crystal, as it focuses the light in the room(or sunlight).
Crystal grow (literally) out of a chaotic mineral environment. They bring the environment around them into balance. This is how crystals work in healing. They bring you/ your cells to balance. There are only two things that can go wrong with the human body. Either something external coming in from the outside such as a bacterium, virus, toxin, allergen etc. or something creating an internal change such as emotions, though patterns, mental processes etc.
Crystal can not harm (unless dropped from a significant height) as they simply balance. That is not to say that some people do not feel energy shifts whilst working with crystals.
Crystals are known fir their power to enertize and have been used as a healing cure for thousands of years. Leaded Feng Shui Crsytal Spheres can either slow down fast moving Chi or can activate Chi. Feng Shui Crystals are typically used in windows to transmute the Shar Chi entering your home from the street. They can also be used in an entryway or long hallway to slow down the energy. The size crystal ball you choose is dependant on the size of the ailment and the amount of energy you are trying to transmute.